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Research in Switzerland / some figures

Difficulties and disparities

In Switzerland, the academic career is similar to a lottery. Between the PHD and the teaching profession, career possibilities are too few and limited in time. A study shows that in Political science, 55.7 % of contracts are limited to a year or less*. The same situation exist in all domains. While the majority of researcher are between 30 and 45 years old*, this situation force them too often to give up academic career.

The career of the women is difficult. While 50 % of the students in Swiss academic institution are women, only 26 % are professors. Every step of career forces women to give it up.

sources: *The Situation of Post-doctoral Political Scientists in Swiss Universities and Research Institutes, A Study Conducted by the Swiss Political Science Association, 2015 , (Office fédéral de la statistique (OFS), 2011), *Enquête auprès du personnel, SEFRI/CRUS (2012).

  • %

    of researchers in Switzerland are hired on a limited-time contract.

  • %

    of students of Swiss academic institution are women.

  • %

    of PHD in Swiss academic institution are women.

  • %

    of professors of Swiss academic institution are women (18 % in Universities!).


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